A photo is worth...

Perspective. Creating a visually appealing image that is different from any other image. Aerial photography allows for making photographs from a totally different view than we are used to seeing. These images can convey a story that is told from up above.
Image is everything and creating images that promote and define a brand is an important part of any business. Having a background in graphic design helps to understand the clients vision and allows for efficient and professional results.
High School Seniors
Just as every high school senior is different, their photo session should reflect that individuality. Whether in the studio or on location, creating an environment that makes each senior look and feel incredible is all part of the experience.
They say the best camera is the one you have with you. These images were created using an iPhone, and most likely the creative lens system by olloclip or Moment lenses. Any post-processing was rendered in Snapseed and or Lightroom Mobile.
Large Format
Making photographs for digital viewing or small prints is one thing. Making BIG photographs is another. Large format photography allows the images to be larger than life and requires both creative and technical skills. Creating an image that will be used up to 80 feet wide or 25 feet tall is always a challenge but truly makes a statement. Understanding the printing process for large format and communication with client and printer are essential.
The ability to capture life as it happens is a gift. Nature inspires us and awakens our senses. Beauty can be found in every creature, large or small and is an inspiration to create images that reflect that beauty.
Personal Work
Photography is a passion. Personal work typically has no limitations, allows for exploring new techniques, improving skills, and is mostly a collaboration between photographer and model. It is a constant evolution to get to the next level.
Portraits are typically artistic representations of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. A portrait conveys the personality, mood and most obviously, physical appearance and can be in the form of headshots, studio portraits or environmental (on location) portraits.
Relationships are connections that all of us share with others around us. From a soon to be mother, to families and children, best friends, brothers and sisters, or a couple in love, helping to preserve those connections forever is not only seen, but felt in the images that are created.
Graphic Design
From a company logo or identity package, to full advertising campaigns, clean and simple design goes a long way. It is effective, stands the test of time and gets you the professional results you are looking for.
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