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Apple Watch: The Basics
In this 2 class series we will explore the basics of the Apple Watch. Whether you are using the watch to get a move on, keep tabs on your health, or to keep in touch, this step by step class will get you off to a good start. Be sure to have your watch and iPhone fully charged for this class.

There's a lot to cover and we need to make sure your watch is activated and paired with your iPhone. After we are up and going we will go over the watch layout and buttons and then cover things like how to open and organize apps, getting more apps, the status icons, the control center and managing some general preferences like changing your watch face, setting brightness, always on, text size, sounds and haptics. 
Homework Assignment: Of course, wear your watch, but download an app or two and use the watch to set an alarm or the flashlight function.

We will start the class with answering any questions you had from the week. The more you wear and use the watch, the more you can find out how it can work best for you. This week will dive into more advanced features, like Apple Pay, Apple Fitness+ and many of the standard apps that come with the watch like Alarms, Calculator, Camera Remote, Messages, Music and more.

These useful links can be followed to access all things Apple Watch, from the user manual, to information about the latest watchOS and Apple Watch Support.

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