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iPhoneography: Master Class - The Next Level of iPhone Photography
The camera on our iPhone has replaced the need for a point and shoot and has almost replaced the need for a dslr. The portability and availability (always on us) makes the iPhone one of the most used cameras in the world today. In this iPhone Master Class we will be moving quickly from making a basic snapshot to creating professional level images and jumping into some video. We will explore many of the hidden and unknown features of Apple’s default photo app and also learn about 3rd-party apps such as Adobe Lightroom and Google Snapseed. In addition to making photos, we will push the limits on post-processing and go over the many ways to share these finished photos. A newer iPhone is suggested and a good understanding of your phone is recommended. This class will be both in the classroom and some hands-on in the field. There will be regular assignments as well as some constructive critiques during class.

Why is the iPhone one of the best and most used cameras on the planet? Introducing Apple’s Camera App. We will go over a few quick tips and tricks to get everyone’s photos that much better right away. Introduction to some of my favorite 3rd party apps: Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Google Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Camera, TimeLapse, SlowShutter.
Homework Assignment: Download at least one of the 3rd party apps discussed in class and try out some of the features.​​​​​​

We will be meeting in downtown Sarasota at the Selby Library. From there we head out on our scavenger hunt. The idea behind the hunt is to no only find the "photo" but to be as creative as possible. We will be reviewing this in the next class.
Homework Assignment: Go through the photos from the scavenger hunt and send to me, for us to discuss in class.

This week we will be going over the scavenger hunt photos. There are many ways to make a photo or video and reviewing everyone's photos will allow us to see how other's see the same subject and make it their own. During the second half of class we will learn about making your photos move with Live Photos, Video, Slo-Motion and Time-lapse. We will spend some time with each of these modes and how to share the finished movies.
Homework Assignment: Create a 3-5 minute time-lapse or slo-motion video.

We will be meeting at St. Armand's Circle - Parking to be determined. The goal for this field trip is to photograph people, architecture, artwork, and the "feel" of St. Armand's Circle. We will go over the pros and cons for using the iPhone as our main camera and focus on composition and exposure, followed by immediate post-processing. 
Homework Assignment: Create a 3-5 minute movie / slideshow from photos or videos created in this class.

Review all the videos. Recap all 4 weeks and go over any questions. Create a shared Lightroom Gallery for our class.
Apps to Take Your iPhoneography to Next Level 
There are so many apps available in the App Store. Here are some of my favorites for iPhoneography:

Adobe Lightroom Mobile - Industry standard software - on your phone! Capture, organize, post-process, share and backup your photos.
Adobe Photoshop Camera - Fun approach to making photos. Use the included "lenses" to create something more than a snapshot.
Adobe Premiere Rush - Create movie sequences. Add audio and effects to your movies.
Google Snapseed - All-inclusive photo camera and editing app. Useful for quick edits and extensive filters.
TimeLapse - This is an alternative to the timelapse option in Apple's camera app. The benefit is you are able to choose the length of capture as well as the length of final movie. The timelapse can then be edited using iMovie.
Backup Solutions
Apple iCloud - iCloud is built into every Apple device. That means all your stuff — photos, files, notes, and more — is safe, up to date, and available wherever you are.
Adobe Creative Cloud / Lightroom - By subscribing to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan you get the full version of Photoshop and Lightroom, including the Mobile version. When set properly, you can have all of your photos automatically (or manually) import into Lightroom Mobile. From there, they are uploaded to the Creative Cloud and then are downloaded by your desktop and can be managed in Lightroom Classic. 
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